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Activator Haptic Feedback Listener
Alert Controller
Camera Zoom Slider
Control Center Events for Activator
Dark Mode Flipswitch
Dock Controller
Flipswitch - Classic Invert Colors
Flipswitch - Color Filter Blue/Yellow
Flipswitch - Color Filter Color Tint
Flipswitch - Color Filter Green/Red
Flipswitch - Color Filter Red/Green
Flipswitch - Differentiate Without Color
Flipswitch - Full Keyboard Access
Flipswitch - Hearing Aid Compability
Flipswitch - Home Button Resting Unlock
Flipswitch - Key Repeat
Flipswitch - Larger Accessibility Sizes
Flipswitch - Phone Noise Cancellation
Flipswitch - Show Lowercase Keys
Flipswitch - Slow Keys
Flipswitch - Smart Invert Colors
Home Screen Quick Actions
Portrait Photos
UI Style Events for Activator
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