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Activator Haptic Feedback Listener
Activator Listeners for App Library
Activator Listeners For Music App
Alert Controller
App Library Controller
App Library Disabler
App Library Enabler
App Switcher Controller
Camera Zoom Slider
Color Picker Well
Control Center Events for Activator
Dark Mode Flipswitch
Date Picker - Wheels
Dock Controller
Dock Events for Activator
Flipswitch - Classic Invert Colors
Flipswitch - Color Filter Blue/Yellow
Flipswitch - Color Filter Color Tint
Flipswitch - Color Filter Green/Red
Flipswitch - Color Filter Red/Green
Flipswitch - Darken Colors/Increase Contrast
Flipswitch - Differentiate Without Color
Flipswitch - Full Keyboard Access
Flipswitch - Hearing Aid Compability
Flipswitch - Home Button Resting Unlock
Flipswitch - Key Repeat
Flipswitch - Larger Accessibility Sizes
Flipswitch - Phone Noise Cancellation
Flipswitch - Show Lowercase Keys
Flipswitch - Slow Keys
Flipswitch - Smart Invert Colors
Home Page Editing Enabler
Home Page Reordering Enabler
Home Screen Quick Actions
Keyboard Controller
Low Power Mode Events for Activator
Magnifier App Enabler
MagSafe Controller
MagSafe Enabler
Portrait Photos
UI Style Events for Activator
Volume Controller
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